Working with Highly Resistant Parents

Practical strategies to tackle obstructive behaviour
and disguised compliance

29th May 2012, Central London

Following on from recent high profile cases, attention is focused on the relationship between social workers and the parents of the children they work with.

As well as hostility and active resistance, workers face the dangers of ‘disguised compliance’. Parents who appear to be cooperative may be misleading workers with clever divertive tactics. But by its very nature, this is hard to spot. How can you identify this practice and how should you be dealing with it?

In answer to this worrying trend, Community Care is pleased to announce Working with ‘Highly Resistant’ Parents. This practical one-day conference will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to identify and tackle obstructive and manipulative behaviour amongst your clients.

View the full programme to see how attending this event will enable you to:

  • Understand the reasons why parents might be resistant
  • Minimise the risk of harm to children by gaining better access
  • Learn how to spot when you are being deceived
  • Improve your practice through winning case studies
  • Ensure your approach is targeted towards better outcomes for the child
  • Plus much more!

NEW THIS YEAR: Practical sessions focusing on collaborative working with families who display disguised compliance.

Benefit from the knowledge of experienced practitioners, leading academics and renowned trainers. Register on or before 22nd May and you could save up to £50.

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