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Between April and June 2013 Cafcass received 2,744 applications - 8% higher when compared to the same period last year. And for the last financial year (April 2012-March 2013) social workers made 11,091 new applications – 8% higher than the previous year. February 2013 recorded the highest ever number of care applications (1,004) for a single month.
http://www.communitycare.co.uk/, 8th July 2013

The demand for foster carers has risen nationally in recent years – especially in the wake of the Peter Connelly case. The latest figures from Cafcass (above) reveal that care applications continue to soar.

Funding cuts have resulted in an increase to eligibility thresholds for care homes. As a result, children and young people are more frequently coming into foster care with increasingly complex attachment needs, abuse and neglect issues and conduct disorders. These manifest in challenging behaviours and emotional difficulties and can impact on a foster carer’s ability to take care of foster children. It is now more important than ever for local authorities and independent agencies to effectively support professional foster carers.

Providing foster carers with the tools and knowledge to manage the complex needs of those in care will ensure local authorities and other agencies:

  • Develop an informed, motivated and professional foster care workforce
  • Support the stability of placements and reduce the number of placement breakdowns
  • Improve the retention of foster carers and their skills bases

Community Care conferences is pleased to announce this update in a series of events to help the public, private and voluntary sector support - and get the most out of - their professional foster care workforce.

Attend this conference to:

  • Understand evidence-based models to support foster children and foster carers
  • Discover how to manage high-risk behaviours in children aged 3-17: Evidence-based approaches to support both the foster child and foster carers
  • Establish a resilience-based framework to support foster carers: Lesson from Staffordshire
  • Gain insight into how to support foster carers who receive allegations of abuse
  • Recognise and respond to the risks of child sexual exploitation
  • Hear practical strategies to manage compassion fatigue in foster carers and the wider looked-after children workforce
  • Focus on contact:  Responding to the risks that parental contact can pose including via Facebook and other social media

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